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Past - Park Nights , Live, Sound. Artist Jala Wahid brought together existing music, personal and collective histories, as well as her practice as a sculptor and film-maker, in an evening that explored collective affect, longing and love. Past - Learn , Literature, Cracks in the Curriculum.

World Psychic Predictions 12222 & Beyond

Octavia Poetry Collective led a workshop for educators exploring poetry as a method to understand and develop personal identities. Artist Beatriz Olabarrieta presented a new durational performance and install that evolved over the course of the day. Dumb Bells consists of a set of five minimal plays that reference the first-ever book written entirely by the artificial. Artist Katie Schwab and families worked together to explore different forms of life writing, using colour, shape and language to express and abstract their everyday experiences.

Past - Live , Literature, Film, Sound.


Inspired by Etel Adnan's literary and philosophical teachings, this study evening conjured love and other poetic gestures in the face of violence, featuring talks, screenings and other interventions. The evening included talks by Omar Berrada,. Artist Zadie Xa presented a new live work that brought together dancers, painted and sculptural elements.

Through the articulation of his body, choreographer and dancer Silas Riener explored the potential of dance in describing things.

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This performance was inspired by world histories, personal histories, as well as the work of poet, translator, and. A zebra was played like a harp: a Zarp. Families joined artist Renata Bandeira for a weekend of shape-shifting sculpture and movement.

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  7. Responding to Etel Adnan's The Weight of the World, artist Marcos Lutyens presented an immersive, hypnosis performance within the exhibition, inspired by the words and colours in Adnan's literary and visual work. An evening of storytelling and collective decision-making, inspired by folktales from the South of Italy, which saw the audience take part in shaping a narrative.

    Multidisciplinary artist Sondra Perry responded to this context with a moving-image intervention. With the participation of Alex Katz. On the occasion of the conference, Focus on the Funk: Journeys Taking place monthly during spring, winter and late autumn, The Magazine Sessions is a new series of experimental and immersive events taking place in The Magazine at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, presented in collaboration with Fiorucci Art Trust. Programmed in collaboration with artist Tai. Are you hot-blooded about sexual consent?

    Frustrated by the lack of sex education in schools? Bedfellows want YOU to join us inside this mess. With Kurt Almqvist, Daniel. Past - Learn , Live, Literature, Neighbourhood. Linking the two Galleries, the evening performance took place in the. Bedfellows led a discussion through a past, future, present of their engagement with the Serpentine Gallery's education programme. It is the second instalment of the collaborative performance work originally conceived for The Kitchen, New York, in April Past - Sound , Live, Online.

    Commissioned by the Serpentine Galleries. Novelist Adam Thirlwell presented a performance lecture, with special reference to the universal art of montage, interrupted by live conversations with artist Philippe Parreno. For the second of Serpentine Cinemas series, Felix Melia presented the premiere of his film, Shoulder Blades as well as his film Lamassu Flats. Artist Harold Offeh led a workshop inspired by D. Information coming soon. Past - Learn , Live, Neighbourhood. Designer Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad led a workshop to design and programme a community-run bookshelf for Church Street Library.

    Following a sold-out premiere in February, a second screening date was confirmed for artist Sophie Cundale's new film, After Picasso, God. Families took over the airwaves with Radio Anti. Inspired by the exhibitions of Simon Denny's and Michael Craig-Martin's works at the Serpentine Galleries, this study evening examined the history and forms of infographics and data visualisation in the dissemination of ideas and the.

    Your birth date indicates what kind of work suits you best

    Artist and musician Anton Kats presented an Artist Talk taking the form of an open studio and live radio performance. On the occasion of his exhibition at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, artist Simon Denny discussed networks, power, revolution and surveillance with artist and researcher Heba Y.

    Amin, journalist Ryan Gallagher and journalist and campaigner Brett. Past - Live , Learn, Neighbourhood. Artist Albert Potrony worked with children aged three and four years-old to explore the value and possibilities of free play in the school system. On the occasion of his exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery, Transience, artist Michael Craig-Martin discussed his practice and transformations in design and technology with professor and author Richard Sennett and Serpentine Co-Director, Hans Ulrich.

    Artist and film-maker Patrick Goddard shows two recent films addressing money, complicity and commitment. Followed by a conversation with Ben Eastham. This screening is presented in collaboration with The White Review. Artist Rachel Rose discussed visual and sound editing techniques with Oscar-winning editor and sound designer Walter Murch. The conversation, presented in collaboration with MUBI, was followed by a screening of the film, The Conversation dir.

    This nationwide day of action to Remember Nature was instigated by artist Gustav Metzger, whose work addresses climate change and its catastrophic effects. Past - Learn , Family Day. Artist Larry Achiampong invited families to assemble and animate an alternate identity. Past - Marathon , Live, Sound, Online. Past - Marathon , Live, Literature, Film.

    Celebrating its tenth anniversary since the inaugural Interview Marathon, the Transformation Marathon addressed cultural, political and physical shifts, asking how significant change can be achieved today. Returning to its hour format of. Choreographer Mette Ingvartsen presented a discursive-practice-performance addressing artificial nature, catastrophic constructions and the autonomy of objects, where imagination, speculation and description all play a role in the encounter with the. Past - Live , Pavilion, Learn. Artist Christodoulos Panayiotou presented a new version of his lecture-reading, exploring the hierarchical order of literal, metaphorical and symbolic deaths on the stage, as well as the philological concept of 'tragic irony', through.

    Artist Jesse Darling presented a version of the tragic play Antigone as immersive environment, community theatre and symbolic ritual, reflecting on remembrance and empire. In this Unwritten Handbook, she challenged the. Writer and filmmaker Maija Timonen presented a new performance in response to - and in the context of - Duane Hanson's exhibition at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery.

    HOROSCOPES 12222: Find out what your new year could have in store

    Artist Julia Tcharfas invited children and families to leave Earth and re-imagine their collective future. Past - Park Nights , Live, Film. In an evening exploring bodily integrity and invasive procedures, artist Marianna Simnett presented a musical performance, accompanied by footage from her recent films, The Udder, Blood and Blue Roses. A series of debates programmed in partnership with SpainNOW! In this new commission incorporating film, theatre and installation, artist Fleur Melbourn presented a performance in which figures from the afterlife discuss mortality and the notion of blasphemy.

    A modern-day Dante leads the audience on a journey.

    ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

    The stage, re-envisaged for Edgware Road was used by the public in different ways. Artist Megan Rooney created an immersive, durational performance in the context of Duane Hanson's exhibition at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery. Past - Park Nights , Live, Literature. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary year of the International Poetry Incarnation at the Royal Albert Hall, poets and performers gathered for an evening in the Pavilion.

    Over three Saturdays, actors and performers read texts written and selected by Lynette Yiadom-Boakye on the occasion of her exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery. Between June and October , Serpentine Galleries presented Park Nights, the annual series of performance, music, film, dance and literature. The Park Nights includes new commissions conceived specifically for the Serpentine Pavilion Past - Live , Literature, Learn.

    Writer Natasha Soobramanien led a workshop focusing on speaking and listening and creative writing activities designed to stimulate literacy projects back in the classroom.

    The San Diego Union-Tribune - San Diego, California & National News

    Past - Live , Learn, Language and Power. In partnership with Rhizome. Past - Learn , Live, Film, Neighbourhood. Tyburnia illustrates the twists and turns of political whimsy, church and state, and the birth of capitalism. An exploration of Leon Golub's artistic career and politics through a double bill of documentaries offering unique insights into the artist's life and times. Past - Family , Learn, Family Day.

    Participants explored and constructed a transitory sculpture park in Kensington Gardens with artist Jenny Moore. From 14 to 20 April at la Rinascente, Piazza Duomo,. Sam Curtis talked about his ideas on stealth art practice and how he uses day-jobs as sites from which to practice and slowly grow projects out-and-upwards; an uninvited artist residency.

    Meet the dinosaurs of blockbuster cinema, the ghosts of colonial history and reflect on mortality with Serpentine Cinema: a screening of films by artists Anna Zett and Rachel Rose. Past - Live , Film, Learn. Artists, architects, researchers and filmmakers explore global infrastructure and the movement of people, things and information. They thought about how we collect, relate to, share and discard the stuff of our. Jenny Moore staged a new performance as part of Saturdays Live.

    Mohamad Hafeda from artist collective Febrik, reflects on the use of art processes as urban research tools.