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  3. What Does It Mean If Jupiter Is In Sagittarius? This Planet Brings Good Luck To All Zodiac Signs
  4. What Does It Mean If Jupiter Is In Sagittarius? This Planet Brings Good Luck To All Zodiac Signs

Whenever planetary action happens in a fellow fire sign like Sagittarius, you feel it pretty powerfully—so the good luck and fortune Jupiter is known for is headed your way soon! If you have plans to travel, expect to have a spectacular and potentially life-changing experience. If not, make plans! People you meet this year while traveling or who are from different places have a ton to teach you and have lasting impact on your beliefs. Additionally, the part of your chart being activated by Jupiter in Sagittarius is associated with sex, death, the metaphysical, and other taboo topics.

Your sex life can increase dramatically as well. All of this is due to the massive amounts of subconscious growth happening in your chart with Jupiter in Sagittarius—it might not be particularly noticeable at first, but by the time is over, inner emotional issues and psychological problems are healing quickly thanks to Jupiter , and your quality of life and general wellbeing are all the better. Jupiter is in your opposite sign now!

jupiter signs

This part of your chart is all about one-on-one partnerships, so your relationships with your romantic partner, best friends, and co-workers are definitely a primary source of knowledge and happiness this year. Since Jupiter and Sagittarius are both all about travel, you might just find yourself hitting it off with someone from a foreign country.

These connections will have lasting significance, and these newcomers may become a future best friend or spouse! Sagittarius is a sign that has nothing in common with yours. Jupiter increases your workload this year, certainly, but you derive a ton of satisfaction from what you do and reap many rewards from your efforts. Jupiter is providing you with the energy and resources necessary to absolutely crush it in your career and outshine everyone , so that when opportunities present themselves later in , they come with a substantially higher salary, greater benefits, or more fulfilling work.

Your health and physical wellbeing improve this year, too, making your body feel better than it has for a while. Jupiter is in a fire sign just like yours! When this happens, the energy is especially powerful and good luck is streamlined directly your way.

Money and Career

In your chart, this is especially true, because the zone associated with creativity, romance, fun, sex, and joy is illuminated by Jupiter! This part of your chart covers pleasure, too, which is where things might get sticky. Jupiter might encourage you to over-indulge, whether it be with food, drinking, drugs, or sex. With that in mind, anxiety is at a year low, while creativity and artistic expression is at a year high point! The part of your chart being activated has to do with comfort, security, and the innermost sanctums of your domestic affairs and your mind.

Your emotions are flowing more than usual as Jupiter is amplifying all of your feelings, and the focus of is peace and quiet not only in your home life, but in your thoughts, as well. Your sign has a ton of brainpower, but with that comes a ton of anxiety and inner turmoil. Jupiter wants to calm all of that tension down and soothe your mind so that you can feel safe and at home with yourself in the future. If your family shares any finances, these assets become more valuable this year as well.

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With Jupiter in Sagittarius for the next year, you can expect to be an incredibly active time! Jupiter and Sagittarius are both associated with travel and foreign places, but this is the zone of immediate surroundings—an interesting dynamic. This suggests that the mind-opening, horizon-broadening experiences that most have when trying something completely new just happen occur in your everyday life.

People you encounter in day-to-day life are great sources of knowledge, and chance meetings with others can lead to opportunities for higher education, travel, and more! What you learn and experience this year inspires self-awareness of any internal biases so you can clear them out and have a completely open mind, free of blockages, ready to learn and grow. Jupiter was in your sign almost the whole year, and even though was a doozy, it brought many fortunate experiences and beneficial encounters your way—some of which you may not have even realized were lucky until recently.

What are you worth? How do you feel about yourself?

What Does It Mean If Jupiter Is In Sagittarius? This Planet Brings Good Luck To All Zodiac Signs

Jupiter aims to grow your material assets and finances this year, sure, but the most important growth is internal for you. As you become more confident and assured of yourself this year, your inner growth is reflected by external rewards.

But the most important growth this year is the mental growth you experience. You encounter plenty of new people and discover opportunities to learn and travel, so make the most of this energy! In so many ways, this is your year. Enjoy every second of it. When a planet typically traverses your 12th house, it represents a time of disconnection and loneliness, sometimes even sadness.

Jupiter in Aquarius ★☾

Time spent alone isn't necessarily more frequent, but there's much more productivity. A great deal of inwards growth can happen this year for you through meditation, studying, or doing work alone. Aquarius is transitioning, with major shifts underway that are pertinent over Christmas, throughout January and beyond.

Allow the changes to happen — and embrace healing shifts as you enter a New Year, balancing the need to recharge and the will to be connected; January 5th is definitely a day to stand down. From March 6th a fresh chapter commences, promising to shake up your home turf, domestic set-up or living situation. Summer is busy, as attention lands on your thriving schedule but reserve a table with someone special July 31st and August 30th.

Growth planet Jupiter is now encouraging you to get out in the world, and explore groups and communities that inspire you! January is a particularly fortuitous time, as Mars in Aries and Venus in Sagittarius will fan the flames around social activity, and make plans among friends, colleagues and co-workers all the more exciting. April and the first half of May are also great times for your sense of connection, however your peers might not be so close at hand over summer when Jupiter is retrograde, and the emphasis on Gemini brings your passions closer to home.

What Does It Mean If Jupiter Is In Sagittarius? This Planet Brings Good Luck To All Zodiac Signs

See important dates during Jupiter in Sagittarius, here. Since the holidays of your traditional ruler — Saturn — has been taking a stroll through the area of your horoscope governing surrender, spirituality and healing, Aquarius. For now, you could be spending more time in hospitals, institutions, working in a charitable capacity or helping family members who are sick or elderly.

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You could be focusing on your own health, so be ready to take a realistic look at what needs to shift. You might have a unique family set-up or experience disruption in your home! Read more about Uranus in Taurus here. Double your pleasure by reading your horoscope according to your rising sign, too.