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Love Signs explores how love is distinctly translated through each of the twelve zodiac signs.

Help: How to seduce a Sag? - Lindaland

Goodman works her way through each sign methodically, providing the male and female perspective in each possible pairing. From another author, this could have turned out to be quite tedious, but reading a book written by Goodman is more like having a conversation with an old friend. She's witty as well as wise, and she brings each pairing to life. As with her book Sun Signs , Linda mainly concentrates on the basic characteristics of each sign, but cautions to bear in mind that everyone has layers that determine individual personalities.

The placement of the moon in your astrological chart, as well as where the planets fall in other signs and houses also contributes an influence on your ultimate personality. You're perfect. I noticed when we were walking over here tonight-we measure just right together. Sit back down. You're staying. For a long time. A friendly, frank Sagittarius girl has just wound herself around your heart with her own, peculiar brand of charm. She'll always be a little outspoken, because she sees the world exactly as it is, even while she's wearing those ridiculous, rose-tinted glasses.

That, you must admit, is quite a talent. Sagittarius females are regular Pollyannas.

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It will cut when she tells you she wishes you would make more money, but then she'll add, "Of course, too much money can make people selfish. Maybe it's lucky that you're poor. This girt will never lie to you. Some-times, you may wish she would. Show curiosity about how she spends the nights you're not with her, and you'll get a detailed, perfectly honest report of the letters she writes to that handsome intern she met last summer on her vacation and how many dates she turns down on the phone.

She may even relate her troubles with insomnia, brought on when she lies awake at night wondering if maybe what she feels for you is friendship instead of love. You'll feel like yelling at her, "For Pete's sake, lie a little once in a while, can't you?

A man has his pride. You'll offend her, and she's not exactly noncombustible herself. Sagittarius girls have been known to fly into some pretty fiery rages. She will probably live alone. Maybe it's because they travel so much, they don't get home often enough to get to know their families well. Even if they only travel to the movies and girl friends' houses, they're restlessly on the go. I don't want to frighten you, but I once knew a Sagittarius woman so unaware of the nuances of family relationships that she invited her rejected beau to come along on her honeymoon with her new husband.

The poor thing looked so lonesome.

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He said he'd pay his own way. Why are you looking at her like that? Did she do something wrong? There's one thing you'll have to learn right away, or the relationship will never get off the ground.

Star Sign Personalities in Love

When you want her to do something, ask her. Don't tell her. The cave man technique went out with Tarzan and Jane, as far as she's concerned. She enjoys being protected, but she doesn't want to be ordered around. Not even her mother gets away with that.

Who are you, that you should top her mother? She may have an Aries mother, and if a Mars woman can't boss her around, no male on earth is going to do it. However, there's a queer twist to her nature. Although she dislikes being bossed, especially in public, when she's testing you for firmness, be firm. Jupiter women can't stand weak, wishy-washy men. If she gets too high-spirited and her clever tongue gets too sarcastic, or she threatens some action that really incenses you, give her a light touch of the Tarzan treatment.

Just enough to keep her in line. Like "You do that and I'll break your neck. A Sagittarius female has no in-tendon of giving up her individuality for any male, but she kind of likes to know you think of her as a girl. Many a Sagittarius girl mistakes friendship for love and love for friendship. If you're one of those old- fashioned men who prefer evasiveness and timidity in your i women, you'd better look for another Bingo partner. This young lady has bright, frank ways with men, and she's not going to play any silly games of "Guess how I feell" or "Guess what I think!

Her outspoken bluntness naturally causes misunderstand-ings, and a good share of fiery battles, let alone hurt feelings, but it doesn't crush her spirit. Jupiter pride comes to the surface and rescues her in a crisis, allowing her to pass off her heartache as the biggest joke of the season. Inside, she may be weeping, but she'll employ such clever wit in answering the questions of friends about the break that they'll decide the whole affair was a harmless flirtation on her part. Little will they guess how she soaks her pillow every night, wondering what she could possibly have said that fractured everything.

It might have been when she told him not to stop by her apartment the time he called from the lobby around midnight-because she was "busy talking with a man who had a few problems. Why should she have to explain herself?

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All Sagittarians show a raging, righteous anger when their integrity is doubted. Or it could have been when he asked her if she minded him bringing his little sister along to the movies and she blurted out, "Gosh, I hope that doesn't mean she's going to be hanging around all the time when we're married. Now she misses his sister as much as the man, but it's too late to explain what she meant.

Besides, no one would understand. Impasses like this are impossible for her to fathom, for all her logical mental processes, and often lead the Jupiter girl into a never-never land of romance, not knowing where the fire might flame up, or why, and afraid of being burned when it does. Then she'll play it too cool and be unable to take anyone seriously, least of all herself. She'll flirt openly, but without any intention of making it a lasting or a forever thing, and gain the reputation of a cold heartless female.

A fire sign is never cold or heartless, but then there are a lot of astrologically ignorant men out there who don't know that.

Love and Your Sun Sign

If such a state of affairs should happen to lead to spinsterhood, she certainly won't be a dry and bitter old maid. She'll still clown with life and have a barrel of fun. He is looking for a buddy who believes in him more than anybody else ever did. This is one of the keys to his heart! Sags are the cheerleaders of the zodiac and boost up everyone, hoping for the same in return. Dreams, ideals and enthusiasm for a Sag is pretty much their essence. Hi MNF,ya he's very particular about looks. Its difficult for me to differentiate between his jokes and criticism..!

He says he loves to tease me just to see my pouting face :-o Future uncertain,He has that shy little boy thing. I am afraid of him getting away with that 'who me? Laura, you sags are a wonderful breed indeed zappy, i am a gr8 pursuer Deira, i know that 'not in a hurry' thing. He says he likes me a lot. I dono why my sag doesnt like questions..! The only thing i cant understand is why cant he say i love u when he himself says i am very precious to lose.

A Review of Linda Goodman Love Signs

He says he loves bachelor life. He looks pretty lazy for me. He's content with a job which is way below his qualification. This is quite alarming as he was the most popular kid in high school. My taurus asc wants to settle Happiness is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, The more it will elude it. But if you turn your attention to other things, it comes softly and sits on your shoulders A Libra seducing a Sag?